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Greece is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Today, many tourists visit Greece. It is a country that can be visited for four seasons. Greece, which generally has a sunny weather, also has lots of natural beauties, delicious cuisine. This country also has many islands, like Crete, where tourists can rent out cars through sites like e-mietwagenkreta.de and get to explore beautiful beaches. Here below we are looking for interesting facts about Greece for you from past to present.

In Greece Grandparents generally live with their children, there are not nursing home in Greece

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Muses were goddesses of arts and science in Greek mythology, words of “Music” comes from Muses.

When somebody throw apple to someone, it means “I love you” in the ancient Greece.

“Barbarian” means people who could not speak Greek,so sound like they’re saying “bar-bar-bar-bar.Also the word “barbarian” comes from Greek barbaroi.

Greece is the world’s 3rd leading olive producer and has been cultivated until in the 13th century.

In the Ancient Greece “?diot” used for people who were not being politician.

Greece is consisting of more than 3.000 islands and Rhodes island is the most popular tourist spot in Greece. Another popular choice among tourists is Zante (or Zakynthos) where during peak season, the laganas bars are bustling with party-goers.

The national sport of Greece is football.

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Ancient Greeks would sacrifice one hundred bulls for Zeus in every Olympics.

The local currency of Greece was Drachma until 2002,it was replaced by Euro. Drachma is the oldest currency in history since 2 thousand 650 years.

Greece is very sunny country, Greece is sunny 250 days for each of year.

The word of “school” comes from the ancient Greece. it means free time.

Turquoise blue (color) is very important for Greece, Greeks believed turquoise blue keeps evil away.

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