Facts about Vietnam

Vietnam located in Southeast China and capital city is Hanoi. Vietnam currency is the Vietnamese Dong. Vietnam summers are hot and sunny.When the sea levels are high,there are a lot of rain. Vietnam is turning significant tourist destination, through significant state and private investment. And today most tourists are visiting Vietnam.Here below we learn interesting facts about Vietnam.

Vietnam is the largest cashew nut and black pepper producer  in the world.

It is the only culture which has a culinary god named Tao Quan .

The Vietnamese believe that their descendants came from the underwater kingdom and the fairies who was living in the mountains.

Snake wine is a national drink, it made from rice and a small snake, also Vietnamese  believes that it heals diseases.

Hang Son Doong which is the largest cave in the world, is located in Vietnam and it has depth of about 9 kilometers.

The hats are made by knitting local bamboo fibers are used to protect the sun and drink water until 3000 years.

Pigs are fed as pets in Vietnam.

Their language is one of the most difficult languages in the world . The same word can be used in 6 different terms and  6 different tones.

In the past, they was believed eating a dog during a full moon, it would bring a chance.

Water puppetry is  popular art until 11th century.

After boiled rice, Noodles are the second most popular food in Vietnam.

For tourists, elephant rides are very popular local activity.

Motorbikes are the most common transportation in Vietnam.

Nguyen is the most common surname in the Vietnam.

Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world, after Brazil.

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