Interesting Facts about Fashion

In general, fashion means popular or the new style of clothing, decoration, hair, and behavior. From past to today fashion always exists. Because fashion consists mostly of physical attraction, emotions, religious expression, identification, tradition and more things. At the end of the day, we all wear what we feel comfortable in. Not everyone will agree, but that’s fine. As long as you’re happy with what you’re wearing, that’s all that should matter, regardless of whether you choose to carry a mens wallet, a satchel or wear sandals and socks. Fashion is subjective and that’s what people should remember. All right, do we know everything about fashion? Here below we search for you and find interesting facts about fashion.

Law on the Wearing Hat

Queen Elizabeth enacted a law in 1571 and this law stated that it is imperative for older than 7 years old to wear hats on Sundays and holidays. Even today It is strange that people don’t wear hats weddings and some parties in the UK.

The Goddess of Beauty

The logo of the Versace brand is the face of the goddess of beauty Medusa. According to Donatella Versace choice for the logo, he said, “When I asked Gianni why he chose Medusa’s head, he told me he thought that whoever falls in love with Medusa can’t flee from her.”

Pointy-toed Shoes

Saxon and Viking people who were rich wore shoes with long pointed toes because they believed these shoes symbolized richness and royalty in the 15th century. It is a very unknown fact about pointy-toed shoes.  


Power of Woman

Coco Chanel lost her mother at an early age and was abandoned by her father. She was then placed in an orphanage and learned to sew. After Designing her first hat in Paris in 1908, Chanel began selling his hats on the ground floor of an apartment building. And people admired her hats. She created her brand of Coco Chanel and today her brand is very famous in the world.

No Human Models

In the fashion world, there were no human models until 1853. Designers clothed tiny dress which was design for dolls.


Makeup and Jewelry for Men

Men and Women wore makeup in Egypt. Also, Women and Men who were rich in that time they wore jewelry of silver, gold and valuable stones, others wore bronze.

Pink for little Men

In 1918, a clothing catalog stated that pink was the ideal color for boys, because pink is tons of a red which are symbolizing power, and the blue color was suitable for girls because it was a shade of delicacy.


Sinful Fashion

Papa Pius XII banned bikini due to being sinful. After the first Miss World Contest in London, the sale of bikinis was forbidden for the first time. Later it was banned most of the European countries like Spain, Belgium, France, and the United State.

Fashion Police

In the 1970s, women who were wearing mini dresses or skirts were arrested or fined. The policemen measured the length of women skirts in South Korea.

First Fashion Designer

In history, clothes were made by unknown dressmakers. After first fashion designer was Charles Frederick Worth established his fashion house in Paris, he dictated to what his clients wear instead of their demands.

Emperor began to use buttons on the jacket

It is a very unbelievable fact that the buttons on jacket sleeves were invented by Napoleon. Napoleon ordered his soldiers to be buttons on their uniforms in order to do not wipe their noses and their mouths on their arms and uniforms, probably he was a bit of fussy person.

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