Unknown Facts About Uganda

A million tourists visit Uganda every year. Uganda was selected as a  Lonely Planet in 2012 due to being the Best Tourist Location. In 2016, CNN indicated which is among the Top 16 Holiday Destinations. The capital city of Uganda in Kampala, many tourists visit in there. That is why, When you go there, you can see the National Museum, the famous Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s Lake, Bulange Mengo, the Uganda National Cultural Center, Kabaka’s Palace, different religious places such as Namirembe Catholics Cathedral, Kibuli & Gadaffi Mosques, Rubaga Catholics Cathedral, Bahai Temple. Also, Winston Churchill wrote that The Pearl of Africa is Uganda in his books  “My African Journey”.Here below we are looking for you interesting facts about Uganda “The Pearl of Africa”.

When you go to Uganda, you can see the lion above the tree. Most of the lion survive fig tree in Uganda.

Ugandan women are responsible for building their homes. When their husbands construct roofs, they build the walls.

Birds which are surviving in Uganda consist of nearly 10% in the world.

Grey Crowned Crane which stays on top of the flag is a national bird of Uganda.


Uganda has smallest church where is the town of Nebbi in the world.  Only three people can worship inside.

Uganda is the number one alcohol consumption in Africa and it is rank of 8 in the world.

Bicycle are common transportation vehicle in Uganda.

Uganda people love the tree and when you cut the tree in Uganda, you have to plant three trees instead of it.

Most of the gorilla is located in Uganda mountains. If you wanna see these gorillas, you can go Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda.

If you want to go restroom in Uganda, you should say that I need to make a short call.

Uganda has a young population and most of the population age is less than 14.

GDP is very low in Uganda and most of the people live less than one dollar for one day.

When you go to Uganda, you can see different ethnic groups and Uganda has first ranked in the world due to the varied ethnic group.

According to the African Economist, people are very friendly in Uganda.

When you point Ugandan people with a direct finger, this behavior is very rude for them.

After Ethiopia Uganda is the second country because of being landlocked.

You can see different cultural groups in Uganda and You can learn their music, food, traditional dances, and other cultural activity.


“Rolex” is the famous fast-food name in Uganda. It is not watch name.


The axis of equator passes through Uganda.

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